Cyndi's Short-Stops
These stories are all true.Some are my childhood
memories,others more recently written.A few are
believed or not scenarios~

Names have been changed to protect the guilty~

Kudos to O Henry and Bach
First Compaq
Good Old Days
Another Day in Paradise
The Nose Knows~Strange Odors
The Brass Key~House of Secrets
Beach Daze
How to Clean the Fridge
Lost in My Castle
Missing Links
Remember these Things
Just Thinking
A Cat Named PURRBY
Another Fishy Story
Country Family Recipes
Places I have Lived
The Gull in Me~Insights
   All Written Material by "zimba" Cynthia Martz  2003-2012
For Get Me NOT~Flower
Dangerous Escapade by  Sureshot
My Poetry
Space Shuttle Fallen Heroes
The Last Leaf by O Henry
The Gift of the Magi O Henry
A Special Seagull (Jonathan) by Bach
Remembering 9-11
My Computer Tips (The Force)
Key West Hurricanes